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Pregnancy & Fertility Retreats

Fertility Retreat

Spend a weekend completely focused on your fertility journey. With experts on hand you will spend the weekend relaxing and focusing on your fertility. The weekend is likely to include yoga/Pilates class, reflexology, massage, Reiki, nutritional advice, mindfulness sessions, good food and in in-depth consultation with a fertility coach, to provide the perfect balance to your weekend. This weekend will allow you to find balance mentally and physically to take on your next chapter.


Pregnancy Retreat

Being pregnant is amazing but is incredibly hard work and creating a healthy happy baby can take its toll on you physically and mentally. To ensure you feel the best you can and build up enough energy reserves for whatever the pregnancy has in store for you, take some much-needed time out. These weekends are for any stage of pregnancy after the first 12 weeks and can help settle pregnancy aches, pains and common pregnancy problems like acid reflux, insomnia and restless legs. The retreats will likely include massage, reflexology, Pilates, intro to hypnotherapy within pregnancy, mindfulness sessions and great food. Let our experts pamper and relax you so you leave feeling rested and re-balanced.


well-being Retreat

Life is hectic and pressurised which can often lead to stress, poor sleep and an overall anxiousness. Take a step off the hamster wheel and focus on your body and mind. The weekend will include massage, reflexology, mindfulness sessions, yoga, Reiki, nutritional advice, meditation and good food. See how good it feels to focus on yourself and what your body needs. Leave feeling energized and balanced, ready to take on the world again. 


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