Are you losing hope in your body? Wondering what to do next on your fertility journey?

Well trust me when I say I know how you are feeling and thinking. You spend your whole teenage years trying not to get pregnant until its right for you then you get to the perfect place in your life and want to add a baby to the mix but its just not happening. The slow panic starts to rise month on month and a little bit of hope dies away too. I know this because I have been there in your shoes wondering what to do next and if there were any other options to help me. If you are feeling the same then lets help give your body the nudge it needs. Fertility reflexology can provide a focus for the mind while balancing and helping the reproductive system. Many clients have said they find the experience therapeutic and relaxing which is sometimes just what you need on this rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that fertility problems can create. 

So how does it all work?

So we begin the sessions with an in depth consultation so that I can create a bespoke, tailored made plan of action for you. This allows me to focus on your individual problems and target where you are in your cycle. Then you lay on the couch and relax while I carry out a relaxing reflexology session. The session will always finish with a chat about what I found or think and then I will follow up the session with an email covering what we discussed and some homecare to aid the session. I promise you the session will help you take back the control over your both your body and emotions, which fertility issues can often take away from us.


How long are the sessions and how many would I need?

So in my experience consistency initially is what you need to get the best results , which is why I recommended the New Chapter package for all  first time clients. This package involves an initial 75min session which is an in depth consultation and treatment, then 1x session a week for a month to really take control over your cycle and giving the body a strong initial hit. Then I would suggest dropping down to 2x a month for 3 months or until you get pregnant, this is the best starting point you can give yourself. From experience with previous clients unless you hit it hard initially, the one off treatments are not as effective for the body and can often cause more heartache and sadness if it doesn't work.


Why is the initial consultation so long?

The initial consultation is crucial in ensuring the plan is tailored to you and your body. The lifestyle questions and previous medical information obtained helps me work out the best plan of action for you. You may think your diet is extremely healthy and you do tons of exercise but when you are dealing with fertility it becomes more broken down and each area is investigated to ensure you are giving your body the best chance. I usually get both partners to fill out a form as this creates a better picture and allows for me to work with you both as having a baby isn’t a one person job.


Can you help with unexplained fertility issues?

Fertility issues come in all forms and sometimes no one knows why you are not getting pregnant when everything is in fact working correctly. That doesn’t mean we cant change the way your body is performing. Sometime due to stress, loss, grief, miscarriage, diet or even just because life likes to test us, we don’t get pregnant even though we try. Reflexology can help re-balance the body and give your reproductive system a little nudge in the right direction. Still consistency is key and as long as there isn’t any medical reason why you can't get pregnant then we can work on your overall well-being to get you and your body in the zone.


We need IVF treatment so is there any benefit to having treatment?

The IVF journey is becoming more and more common in this day an age and although it is incredible how doctors can put an embryo into your womb it doesn’t mean it is necessary going to work. During the treatment stage of IVF you need to keep the body as calm and relaxed as possible. That means mentally and physically because otherwise you are becoming your own barrier to success. Having reflexology during this stage can help keep things calm, and allow to take positives out of each stage even if your feeling anxious. Some of the medication can effect people in different ways and having reflexology alongside this helps you take back some of the control you have lost from having IVF.


Do I have to see you at a set time every week or month?

Yes, during the planning process we go through your period cycle and when you ovulate as this is crucial to the treatment. Each part of the cycle is focused on what the body should be doing during that week. For example before you ovulate we stimulate the eggs being produced and show them where they need to go. After you have ovulated we are showing the body how to hold onto any possible pregnancies that may occur. This will all be pre-booked so that you can relax and know your sessions are in and that you are making the difference to your fertility chances.


Are the session more hands on than anything else?

So, each session varies depending on you and how you are feeling that day. The hands-on part of the treatment is important but don’t underestimate how beneficial the one to one coaching is too. We start each session discussing how your week has been, how you are feeling and any thoughts or questions you have. This is a safe and nurturing space for you to be honest with yourself and stop the doubt and negative thoughts creeping in. Ultimately the session is about you and what helps you personally reach your goal.

Ready to take the next step in your fertility journey?

Then book now and know that you are in safe hands.

Fertility Consultation

The Next Chapter Package

1x initial consultation forms for both partners and an initial appointment lasting 75mins

3x sessions, 1 every week following the initial consultation.



fertility reflexology

Well-being Package 

4 x sessions every other week over 2 months. This is the perfect way to follow on from the Next Chapter Package




One Off Treatment

1 hour session




Payment is in full upfront for all fertility treatments and the individual sessions are booked upon booking for the whole package.

'After suffering a miscarriage, followed by 10 months of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, a friend of mine recommended reflexology. After just four sessions with Emma, I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant and I now have a three-month-old beautiful baby girl.
I truly believe that our success in conceiving was thanks to Emma. When I first met Emma I was an emotional wreck and I did not realise it at the time, but I was suffering from a lot of stress. Emma’s advice and treatments helped to lower my stress levels and reset my body both physically and emotionally. Emma explained there were still remnants of the miscarriage in my body, that the reflexology would flush this out in my first period cycle after treatment and I would hopefully conceive in the second period cycle. This is exactly what happened.
I cannot thank Emma enough. She supported, healed and helped me in my time of need, so much so that I named my daughter after her'
Nicola, Amersham