Hello I’m Emma and I want to support and guide you on your well-being journey

For as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to do Beauty Therapy or work with children and in the past few years I believe I have found my area to do both. I have been trained since I was 17 in Beauty Therapy and set out to make my mark on the industry, working in some of the top Spa’s in the country. As much I loved these experiences I always felt frustrated that we had to stick to a set routine for every client and couldn’t tailor their experience more. I then began teaching Beauty Therapy at a secondary school which was certainly eventful, the kids were spirited and every day was a learning curve for both them and me. The memorable day one of the girls waxed another girls’ eyebrow off will haunt me forever!! But in the background of my teaching life I kept a sad secret that me and my husband had fertility issues and I wasn’t sure how I was going to have my one wish in life, becoming a mum. Fertility issues can be so isolating, lonely and can make you feel like you are ultimately broken. I soon learned that there weren’t many options when it came to support and finding a community to share my struggles.

We have undergone IVF treatment and in 2015 my precious miracle Freddie was born. I knew from the first IVF appointment and every injection and drug that I then wanted to help other women going through this experience and make them feel supported. Since then I have gone on to have further IVF treatment and we have now completed our family with our little girl Lola in 2017. Even now, thinking about the whole process still makes me teary and emotional, it was a rough ride and I’m so thankful for the support from my husband who had to endure me going through every emotion on a daily basis, and even helping inject me when I couldn’t do it myself. The love and respect you gain for your partner during your fertility journey is unmeasurable, however it can also push people apart if they feel like they have no where else to turn to for help. So this is why I have become focused on fertility reflexology, pregnancy care and running a fertility support group so that you have the best possible help along your own journey.


There is no way out of the experience except through it, because it is not really your experience at all but the baby’s. Your body is the child’s instrument of birth
— by Penelope Leach

Supporting pregnant women and providing them with tailored treatments to help with their daily body aches and pains became another passion. When I was pregnant with Freddie I remember getting to a point where everything was so heavy and achy and I just wanted a firm back massage to get rid of this tough tension, and a mini facial to brighten up my tired skin. You would assume this was a simple request and are probably thinking to yourself that there’s a million places offering pregnancy treatments. However what became clear very quickly is that people treat pregnant women like you are made of glass and refuse to use any pressure, and instead waft about not doing much and become obsessed with stroking your tummy. One particularly bad pregnancy treatment from my experience involved me lying flat, and the masseuse was using unsafe essential oils while the wet face mask ran into my ears and eyes. As you can imagine this was like a light bulb moment for me, I knew pregnant women should be treated with a first class service, safely, and with a tailored treatment so that they left feeling significantly better rather than greasy and aggravated. My belief is that there are millions of people in the world all with different needs and desires from their treatments, so each treatment with me comes tailored to what you want to you leave you feeling your very best.


So if you want to feel cared for and supported and not just another body on a treatment couch, then I’m the girl for you. Make your wellbeing your priority and in turn I’ll make it mine too….. see you on the treatment couch soon   XOXOX